Coronavirus Guidance (Updated 7th January)

Dear church, as a response to the global pandemic, here's some important information for us:

What are we doing:

  • Partnering with Northfield Community Foodbank to respond to growing needs in our city.
  • Working from home (all staff are either remote working or on furlough).
  • Caring for church members, and local elderly people, on a daily basis. This includes phone calls, video calls and outdoor visits.
  • Gathering online on Sundays as a whole community (places of worship are closed from 8th January).

What are we not doing:

  • Gathering indoors in person at any time.
  • Worrying – we have peace about today, and hope in God’s purposes for us, and the world. 

What can you do:

  • Stay safe, in line with latest government advice.
  • Gather with other members online or outside, to support and encourage each other.
  • Tell us if you have practical or pastoral needs (via Phil and Margaret Burnett).
  • Pray for our church, city and nation.

Church is not a building, so we are not closed. Our mandate has not changed – to love God, and love our neighbours.

May you know more and more grace and peace at this time.