Confident Christianity Conference

Do you find the thought of talking about Jesus to friends, neighbours, classmates or colleagues daunting? Do you sometimes find yourself thinking “what if I say something that makes God look bad?” Or wondering what happens if they raise a challenging question or objection to which you’re unable to respond. (“Aren’t Christians bigoted and homophobic?”; “Isn’t the Bible unreliable and full of errors?”; “Hasn’t science buried God?”; “Isn’t religion just a psychological crutch?” … and the list goes on).

Well, you’re not alone! In the fast-paced, skeptical and secular culture in which we live, most of us find evangelism a bit daunting. That’s why we are hosting Solas to bring Confident Christianity conference to Aberdeen. We’ve got Andy Bannister and Michael Ots joining us who will help you become confident and empowered to talk about Jesus more naturally, engage in evangelism that persuades people, and feel equipped to answer the questions of your friends.

As the popular evangelist J John once said: “Many times Christians are like arctic rivers. They have frozen mouths.” Come along to a Confident Christianity conference and de-thaw!

Lunch not provided, but there is a Tesco next door with Costa.



Do I need to bring my own facemask?

Yes – however we have a small supply if you’ve forgotten yours

Do I need to book tickets for my children?

Yes, every person (of any age) who enters the building needs to have registered in advance. Please ensure you select an under 5 ticket if you are bringing under 5’s with you.

Can I still invite a guest to a Sunday Service?

Absolutely! We would love for your friends and family to feel welcome and hear the good news of Jesus’ love for them. Just book them a space following the same process, or ask them to book themselves at

Will there by any time to chat, and enjoy tea and coffee afterwards?

Yes, but not in the church building! You will be asked to leave the building promptly after the service ends. We would encourage you to go for a walk, or invite someone to join you in a cafe for lunch to enjoy rich friendship time together (following government physical distancing guidance).

Can I bring a drink?

Yes, you can bring a drink with you, provided it is not shared with others and is taken home with you.

Will there be Creché, Sunday Club and Youth during the morning service?

There is a creche room available for babies/toddlers (parent supervision needed) and there will be Sunday Club for primary-aged kids most Sunday mornings. Youth meet as a group outside of Sunday mornings, but are welcome to join our main service on Sunday mornings in person.

Will I still be able to worship God by offering Him my money?

Yes you will. Cash or cheque offering will be available, as well as the online donation page accessible from your mobile device:

Am I allowed to sing through my facemask?

Yes! In Levels 0 and 1 we can sing indoors, with face coverings on.

I booked a place for Sunday, but now need to cancel, how do I do this?

please email if you booked online, or phone the church office on 01224 317430 if you booked via the phone

I tried to book a space, but this Sunday is full, what do I do now?

You can join the waiting list for each Sunday service, or worship onine from home. If a space becomes available you will be notified prior to the Sunday service. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we continue with restrcited numbers.

Will there still be prayer ministry?

There will be prayer ministry available either online or in person, arranged for a separate time during the coming week. This has been available throughout lockdown, and has been a great blessing to many folks! Go to or just ask someone near you at one of our gatherings.